Tokyo Accessible Care Taxi for Wheelchair Travelers

mami and miz

Welcome to Our Accessible Taxi Service!

Meet Your Hosts: Mami and Miz


We’re Mami and Miz. We love traveling and have explored various parts of Japan and abroad during our holidays.

We deeply understand the excitement and needs of those who travel overseas for holidays. 

Miz is an English-speaking driver.

Having spent 21 years in New Zealand, Miz is not a professional tour guide, but his extensive experience as a TV commercial coordinator has equipped him with excellent leadership skills.

During your trip, Miz will guide you and share tips to enhance your travel experience.

Accessible Transportation Services for Wheelchair Travelers

Our vehicle is a well-maintained, not brand-new but still in good condition, TOYOTA HIACE. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 5 passengers, including 1 person in a wheelchair. Please note that in order to accommodate everyone, one passenger may need to utilize a spare seat that may not be as comfortable as the others.

Considering the seating arrangement, we believe that most families will find our van spacious enough for their needs.

This van is equipped with an electric lift that has a weight capacity of 250kg/550Lbs.

Our Unique Approach: Professional Caregivers

Unlike typical tour companies, we offer professional caregiving services. Besides organizing sightseeing trips, we operate as a care taxi service, assisting individuals who need wheelchairs with transportation to hospitals or care facilities, and transferring them from beds to stretchers.

We both hold certified caregiving qualifications, and Mami has experience working in hospitals as a nursing assistant. We are committed to understanding and supporting the needs of people with disabilities and their families.

“Capturing Memorable Journeys: Unleashing the Power of Travel and Photography”

We can take you anywhere and capture your photos!

We are also photographers! Photos are an essential part of any trip, and traveling with us means you’ll have beautiful memories captured.

Extensive Coverage Across Tokyo and Surrounding Areas

Your Destination, Your Choice

As a taxi service, we are ready to take you wherever you wish to go. Feel free to consult with us about your travel plans!

Popular destinations are:

  • Mt Fuji
  • Hakone
  • Kamakura
  • Yokohama

Watch Our Previous Trips on YouTube

Check out our past travel adventures on YouTube to get a glimpse of what your trip with us could be like.

From Start to the End

From and to Haneda, Narita or Yokohama to your hotel, having a couple trips with us and till the end of your journey.

Having a familiar vehicle available throughout your stay in Japan can be a significant advantage.

Book Your Trip Early!

We only have one vehicle, and both of us are irreplaceable, so make sure to book early.

Contact us via email, phone, WhatsApp, or FaceTime.


Enjoy a Comfortable and Fun Journey

We look forward to making your trip enjoyable and comfortable.

See you soon!

Mami and Miz