So, who are we?

Mami on the kayak in New Zealand

Mami, the wife, is a fashion photographer with experience shooting for magazines, celebrities, and movie stars. She has a love for Kimono and plans to transform them into Aloha shirts.

Importantly, Mami is also a certified care worker with hospital experience. Her journey into caregiving was motivated by her three children with congenital autism. Balancing her role as a mother, she decided to pursue a career in care.

During your trip, Mami will be your primary caregiver, ensuring your well-being. She is currently studying English in her limited free time.

Mizuho with the head plate of the blue train called “Mizuho”

Miz, the husband, the versatile driver and trusty assistant, brings a unique flair to the team. With 21 years of experience in Queenstown, New Zealand, he has adopted a Kiwi spirit that sets him apart from the typical Japanese man.

While Mami hones her English skills, Miz graciously takes on the role of communicating with you on her behalf. Rest assured, his friendly demeanor and helpful nature will make your journey enjoyable and memorable.

What’s Oshidori by the way?


‘Oshidori’ refers to a species of bird known for its bonded pairs that stay together wherever they go, just like the couple shown in the picture above. ‘Fufu’ means a married couple.

So, when we say ‘Oshidori fufu,’ it symbolizes a couple that sticks together no matter where they are. And that’s exactly who we are!

Mami and Miz are inseparable and love exploring new places together. They go hand in hand, quite literally, wherever they are allowed to go.

That’s why we decided to name our company ‘Oshidori-Shuttle.’

*FUN FACT: The real Oshidori bird changes its mating partner every year… Oops!