So, who are we?

Mami on the kayak in New Zealand

The wife, Mami is a photographer who is specialized for fashion, she has shot tons of fashion magazines, famous talents and movie stars, also loves Kimono that she used to wear daily in the past, now she plans that they will be modified to Aloha shirts.

Also, very importantly Mami is a certified care worker. She has some experiences of work in hospitals. The reason why she became a care worker is all about her children.

Mami has four children and three of them had congenital autism. So, she had to study a lot about it and it was very natural to start her carrier while she was also a being a mother.

So, while on the trip with you, mainly Mami is looking after you wherever you go.
Now she is studying English. (Only very sometime though)

Mizuho with the head plate of the blue train called “Mizuho”

Miz is the driver and the assistant of Mami as care taxi and the main photographer and Mami’s husband.

Spent 21 years in Queenstown, New Zealand, so Miz’s behavior and thought and body temperature is not like a normal Japanese man, he is more like being a Kiwi.

Until Mami picks up some English and start to talk to you, Miz is talking to you behalf of Mami.

What’s Oshidori by the way?


‘Oshidori’ means a species of bird which is believed to be a pair goes anywhere together as shown in the picture above.
And ‘Fufu’ means a married couple.

So when we say ‘Oshidori fufu’, it means the couple is always sticking together anywhere they go…..And that’s us! 

Mami and Miz go anywhere together literary as long as they are allowed to be with. 

That is why we named our company ‘Oshidori-Shuttle’.

*THE FACT : The real Oshidori changes his mating partner every year… D’oh!